Elephant pictures part 2
Permafrost, Russia
Museon, Den Haag 2001
exhibition of tiles with animals in the West Fries Museum in Hoorn
June 2001
In Haarlem in the Teylers museum. (one of the oldest museums in the world) there was an exhibition of Amsterdam Zoo Artis animals in the arts. These are two elephantdrawings.
this is a detail of the Borobodour temple in Indonesia. This is a plastercopy in the Museum in Leiden, made in the beginning of the 20th century.It is in a better condition than the original
This tile of Elephant and Castle can be found in the Lakenhalmuseum in Leiden, where they have an enormous collection of old tiles
Gobelin in the 5-star elephanthills hotel in Zimbabwe 1993
in Artis Zoo there are some art classes
summer 2001
CATANIA,Sicily, Italia. sep 2001
Carlsberg brewery
Don't touch the royal elephants